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Innovative Controlled Halotherapy Concept

As the original salt therapy experience, Halomed's innovative controlled halotherapy concept was spawned many imitators but no true peers. Controlled Halotherapy concept started to be developped since 1990 and it's based on the results of researches on effectiveness and safety of salt therapy conducted under the guidance of Prof. A.Chervinskaya and her group of scientists. These researches were the basis of designing of Halomed's salt aerosol generators (halogenerators), which provide truly effective and safe halotherapy (salt therapy). Halomed guarantees:

  • Advanced halotherapy technologies based on 25 years' experience
  • Authentic and highly effective halotherapy concept
  • Halogenerators for top quality treatments 
  • Responsive equipment and consulting

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In 2011, Spafinder Wellness, a company that tracks the international wellness industry, labeled halotherapy as one of the "top 10 global spa trends to watch". Since then, the number of spas and hotels offering a "salty microclimate" has increased across the North America, Europe and Australia. 

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In the January 2016th' issue, the American Spa magazine names salt therapy as one of the top spa trends for 2016. The magazine describes salt therapy as "a very safe, natural and affordable modality for wellness and beauty" and calls salt "an ideal ingredient for countless spa services". 

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Advanced halogenerator Halomed

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Advanced halogenerator Halomed

Salt room built by Halomed specialists

Information on salt therapy

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